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Price $1,828,000
Built/Renov 2002
Tenant Tim Hortons
Cap Rate 5.75%
Lease Type Abs NNN
Guarantor Corp T and Rated
Size/SF 2,820
Lease Start 06-01-2019
#Units 5,833
Price/SF $648.23
Expiration 05-31-2039
Tenant Type Fast Food/QSR
NOI $105,066
R. Term 14.11
Ownership Fee Simple
Rent/SF $37.26
Increases 2.5%/1/yrs
Pop 5Mi 77,169
Lot/AC 1.19
Options 2/5yrs/2.5%
AHHI 5Mi $95,404

Lease Highlights

  • Tim Hortons has 15 years remaining on the current lease term with 2 (5-year) options to extend
  • The lease features 2.5% annual rental escalations throughout the initial term and option periods
  • Can be purchased separately or together as a portfolio with Rochester property
  • Absolute NNN | Zero landlord responsibilities
  • Corporate guaranteed lease

Location Description

Tim Hortons is strategically located at the signalized, hard-corner intersection of W Henrietta Rd and Lehigh Station Rd, with access to a robust combined daily traffic count of 47,900 vehicles. The property features multiple modes of ingress and egress and is positioned less than one-half mile from Exit 12A of Interstate 390, a prominent north-south auxiliary Interstate Highway (84,800 VPD)....



  • 1 Mile
  • 3 Miles
  • 5 Miles


About Tenant

Tim Hortons, Inc., commonly known as Tim’s or Timmies, is a Canadian multinational fast food restaurant chain. Their restaurants serve coffee, doughnuts, and other fast food items, and are...



  1 Miles 3 Miles 5 Miles
2028 Total Population : 2,987 36,985 77,642
2023 Total Population : 3,049 36,300 77,169
2023 Employed Civilian Pop : 1,557 17,099 36,503
2023 Total Businesses : 193 1,572 3,732
2023 Average Household Income : $ 89,017 $ 85,082 $ 95,404
2023 Total Consumer Spending : $ 84 M $ 946 M $ 2349 M
2023 Median Age : 39 30 33
2023 Total Households : 1,098 12,821 28,418
2023 Pop Age 25+: Bachelor's Degree : 588 5,799 12,578
2023 Average Home Value : $ 213,575 $ 208,861 $ 235,066
*ESRI data is presented for informational purposes only


Collection Street Cross Street Year Traffic Vol Distance
Lehigh Station Road I- 390 2018 26,304 0.15 mi
Lehigh Station Road Middle Rd 2021 22,012 0.23 mi
Crystal Valley Overlook 2021 241 0.30 mi
Vollmer Pkwy 2021 121 0.30 mi
Kenneth Dr 2021 11,487 0.37 mi
W Henrietta Rd 2021 3,083 0.39 mi
Genesee Expressway 2018 37,679 0.40 mi
I- 390 Lehigh Station Rd 2008 40,098 0.40 mi
I- 90 2021 9,818 0.42 mi
Lehigh Station Rd 2021 6,409 0.42 mi

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