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Price $3,500,000
Built/Renov 2023
Tenant Chipotle
Cap Rate 5.00%
Lease Type Double NN
Guarantor Corp Traded
Size/SF 2,325
Lease Start 12-29-2023
#Units 3,224
Price/SF $1,505.38
Expiration 12-31-2038
Tenant Type Fast Casual/Rest.
NOI $175,000
R. Term 15.0
Ownership Fee Simple
Rent/SF $75.27
Increases 10.0%/5/yrs
Pop 5Mi 139,754
Lot/AC 0.85
Options 3/5yrs/10%
AHHI 5Mi $132,316

Lease Highlights

  • Brand new 2023 construction
  • Chipotle recently signed a brand-new 15-year lease with 3 (5-year) options to extend
  • Lease features 10% rental increases every 5 years throughout the initial term and at the start of each option
  • Corporate guarantee by Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. (NYSE: CMG)

Location Description

Chipotle is strategically positioned on Blaine Ave, which has a daily traffic count of 14,900 vehicles. The property is conveniently located near U.S. Highway 52, where daily traffic averages 55,855 vehicles, and it’s in close proximity to I-494, with a daily traffic count averaging 109,856 vehicles. The surrounding area boasts a variety of neighboring retailers, including HealthPartners, Key...



  • 1 Mile
  • 3 Miles
  • 5 Miles


  • Tenant: Chipotle
  • Guarantor:Corp Traded
  • Company:Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc.
  • # Units:3,224
  • Stock:NYSE: CMG

About Tenant

Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc., (NYSE: CMG) often known simply as Chipotle, is an American chain of fast casual restaurants in the U.S., United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, and France, specializing in...



  1 Miles 3 Miles 5 Miles
2028 Total Population : 10,695 62,211 144,657
2023 Total Population : 10,531 60,378 141,155
2023 Employed Civilian Pop : 5,440 31,137 74,465
2023 Total Businesses : 250 1,804 3,858
2023 Average Household Income : $ 97,687 $ 97,501 $ 116,160
2023 Total Consumer Spending : $ 385 M $ 2127 M $ 5593 M
2023 Median Age : 37 41 40
2023 Total Households : 4,528 25,296 56,168
2023 Pop Age 25+: Bachelor's Degree : 1,315 10,766 27,369
2023 Average Home Value : $ 336,731 $ 359,906 $ 385,525
*ESRI data is presented for informational purposes only


Collection Street Cross Street Year Traffic Vol Distance
Blaine Avenue Upper 55th St E 2022 5,700 0.02 mi
Upper 55th Street East Cenex Dr 2022 9,200 0.11 mi
Upper 55th St E Blackshire Path 2019 9,200 0.15 mi
Blaine Avenue East Blackshire Path 2022 4,900 0.15 mi
Upper 55th St E Blackshire Path 2014 8,900 0.16 mi
Blaine Ave Bovey Ave E 2019 5,700 0.21 mi
Bishop Ave 2022 4,383 0.24 mi
Upper 55th St E 2022 59,199 0.27 mi
Upper 55th St E 2022 4,954 0.32 mi
Blackberry Trl E 2022 1,620 0.33 mi

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