Building Your Net Lease Business with Net-Trade.com

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Building Your Net Lease Business with Net-Trade.com

Building Your Net Lease Business with Net-Trade.com

Net Lease assets are in demand as investors/buyers flock to this stable-return, managed-risk asset class. These assets are often referred to as ‘Bond Deals’ or ‘Mailbox Money.’

Due to their passive income structure, many new investors are entering the space, and these stakeholders must build a deep understanding of tenant brands, the economic strength of the lease guarantor, lease details, locations, and competitive advantages to consistently source best fit opportunities

To answer this need, Net-Trade.com, a best-in-class net lease marketplace, was developed to provide a tailored listing and search platform that helps principals, advisors, brokers, developers, and other parties selling and buying net lease assets connect, build relationships, and transact

Let’s look at how Net-Trade can help you develop your net lease business with white-glove service, a platform to build market presence and credibility, and boutique tools to elevate the net lease listing and search experience for all stakeholders.

1. White-glove services

Net lease property principals/sellers and their representatives have their hands full with the myriad moving parts of developing, marketing, and closing deals. To maximize productivity, results, and ROI, stakeholders need customized tools to facilitate the process and allow them to focus on what they do best. Net-Trade significantly lightens the load by providing a white-glove experience for marketing their assets and brands.

Most importantly, Net-Trade offers one of the most economical yet full-featured channels for marketing net lease assets. Net-Trade manages all the onboarding for you and handles the creation of your listing based on the offering memorandum while you focus on generating new business and serving clients.

Listings are loaded to include all details crucial for net lease investment evaluations. They are then augmented with additional location- and tenant-specific features for improved insights, faster investor discovery, and more qualified interest.

Additionally, Net-Trade retrieves net lease OMs on listed properties from the top brokerage sites, extracts data and images, uploads the content into the platform, and the backend collects any missing information from listing brokers.

Then Net-Trade attaches maps, accompanying offering files, demographics, traffic levels, and tenant details with credit ratings. This complete profile of the net lease property is then made available for discovery in either a simple or detailed search by industry-specific criteria.

2. A credible brand image and knowing who you’re dealing with

One of the most important parts of growing your net lease business is building a credible brand image and awareness in your niche, both for you as an individual and your organization. Net-Trade equips you to showcase your professional expertise as a broker or qualifications as an investor. You can present fuller details of your business and capabilities, so prospects become more familiar with who you are and your value proposition.

Users can project a professional image with a detailed bio, closed deals, current requirements and status, price focus, asset/location/tenant type, and investment capabilities. Additionally, you can post links to your website and social media channels to make it easier for other parties to find your company news, market articles, surveys, and statistical summaries — supporting your position as a thought leader.

Listing brokers often send property details ‘blind.’ As a result, there is a need for transparency regarding who is making the request and what investment parameters are pertinent to them. The listing dashboard presents inquiries that include principals’ and advisors’ profiles. You can pre-qualify the prospect, their parameters, and the likelihood of a fit.

Net-Trade’s more transparent, efficient, and segment-specific listing service saves an immense amount of time and energy in the discovery and underwriting process by eliminating the asking and answering of tedious questions — those that should be addressed upfront (and are by the comprehensive listing format of Net-Trade).

3. A platform that synergizes the objectives of sellers and buyers

The niche net lease MLS (multiple listing service) architecture innovated by Net-Trade makes the discovery process of selection, filtering, and evaluation of investment options faster and easier than ever before. Buyers and their advisors can preview vastly more net lease-specific listing content with 40+ fields to filter searches based on a multitude of property, tenant, and location criteria

In contrast to other general CRE listing sites, Net-Trade curates property details vital in net lease investment due diligence, including lease type, ownership interest (e.g., fee, ground lease, or leasehold), rental increases, renewal options, tenant type, lease guarantor/financial, credit rating, number of units, corporation/franchise, population/AHHI$, and unique investment features.

Additionally, with Net-Trade, searchers can rely on extensive and valid data updated for status changes (active, under contract, or sold) with much greater frequency.

Investors can review and contrast proprietary features of the net lease asset from 5 categories: property and site, immediate location, area location, tenant lease, and guarantor. Sorting by over 25 key indicators, more than double other services, helps users quickly compare and contrast options. Sort options include tenant type, population, traffic counts, and more.

Multiple results formats allow users to view options as they want: list, grid, table, single-line, and map view, and select and compare four investment options with side-by-side display of the necessary details. You can also access recent sale comps for comparative valuation for you and your client.

Buyers/searchers can also add a Posted Requirement regarding the types of deals they seek. Posted requirement parameters are visible to all users and help sellers and their advisors find them and proactively send specific on- and off-market deals that fit.

Generating opportunity

​With the right tools — those explicitly created for the net lease asset niche — it’s much easier and more efficient to connect with ideal prospects, find the best investment opportunities, and grow your net lease business. Create a profile today and explore the customized tools Net-Trade.com offers to generate greater opportunities as a net lease principal or advisor.





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